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We Know Multi-Family Roofing

At American Eagle Home Improvement, we understand that there are multiple types of properties built for many different reasons. We have the knowledge and dedicated team members to help service all kinds of properties to the unique needs of your group.

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes offer a unique set of challenges while performing any home improvement project. With multiple tenants in multiple buildings, communication and organization are key to keeping your tenants safe while still performing high-quality work efficiently. American Eagle Home Improvement can handle all of this with our dedicated team.

Apartment complex with Shingle Roof
Multi family townhome community image

Townhome Communities

Many residential communities in the Twin Cities are part of a townhome or an HOA community, from dozens to hundreds of residents, multiple board members, and a president in charge. American Eagle Home Improvement works diligently with all members involved to ensure the entire project goes smoothly from beginning to end.


Multiplexes, such as a duplex or triplex, present a unique challenge when it comes to home improvement projects as multiple property owners are usually involved. Let American Eagle Home Improvement work with all owners involved to ensure a smooth and painless process.

image of Duplex housing