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Residential roofing in the Twin Cities puts a whole new meaning to the word complicated. Your home’s roof protects everything underneath it, so naturally it is important to make sure it is done right. Your roof is more than just the covering to your home, it is a whole system. Let our Home Pros walk you through all the options and find the system that best protects your home. Below is a list of the most common roof coverings installed by American Eagle Home Improvement.

Fiberglass Shingles

Fiberglass shingles are the most common roof covering in the Twin Cities. Our partner, Owens Corning, first invented fiberglass shingles and has been leading the industry with new technologies and advancements in all aspects of the roofing system. Fiberglass shingles come in a wide variety of colors to accent your home and improve the curb appeal.

Fiberglass shingles being instaled
Impact-Resistant Fiber glass Shingles

Impact-Resistant Fiberglass Shingles

Similar to the fiberglass shingles, impact-resistant fiberglass shingles offer superior protection to your home from the worst that mother nature throws your way. These shingles are specially designed for areas with cold weather and devastating hailstorms. Let our Home Pros discuss how these shingles can not only protect your home from mother nature, but how you can save money by installing impact-resistant shingles on your home.

Composite Roofing

Composite roofing is a great alternative to natural roofing products such as cedar shingles, slate, or clay tiles. Composite offers the look and beauty of these natural products with the added benefit of being impact-resistant with no maintenance. Contact us to learn more about composite roofing systems.

Composit Roofing Material
Standing seam metal roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing has made its way into the residential home sector and can be found in eyebrow accents, above a bay windows, or even as full roof replacements. With many different sizes, shapes, and colors, adding metal roofing to your home can add some great curb appeal as well as quite possibly the last roofing system you may need to purchase. Let our Home Pros walk you through the steps and see if your home would be suitable for a new metal roof.