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Protect Your Roof
From the Inside

One of the biggest aspects to determine how long your new roofing system will last is by making sure you have proper attic insulation and ventilation. In combination, proper attic ventilation and insulation will not only help keep your home warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer while keeping moisture levels in acceptable ranges. American Eagle Home Improvement is trained and certified by Owens Corning in diagnosing and installing all necessary insulation and ventilation products to keep your home healthy while keeping your heating and cooling costs in check.

Intake Ventilation

Attic ventilation starts with air being pulled into the attic space at the lowest possible point. When these points of intake are either plugged or inadequate, there is not enough airflow to push the warm moist attic air out. Special calculations are needed to ensure your home has enough intake.

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Exhaust Ventilation

Once enough intake is obtained, the warm moist air must be exhausted out of the uppermost point of the attic. There are many different types of exhaust vents available. Our Home Pros will diagnose and determine the best type of vent to be used in your home. Intake and exhaust ventilation are meant to be a balanced system to circulate air throughout your attic throughout the day.


Attic insulation is one of the most important products to keep your roofing system working properly. Having an under-insulated attic space can not only lead to higher heating costs in the winter, but also major ice dam problems. It is not as simple as adding more insulation however, there are many components such as can covers, vent chutes, bath fans, and kitchen vents. All of these items have to be done correctly to have a properly operating system. Having a proper attic insulation job done will not only help save you money every single month, but it will also make your home more comfortable during those cold Upper Midwest winters.

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