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Roofing Repairs

Repairing Roof Shingles

Fix the Problem Now
Before It’s Too Late

Roof repair services in the Twin Cities area are needed almost as often as changing the oil in your car. Preventative maintenance and routine inspections can ensure your roof lasts as long as it is designed to. Let American Eagle Home Improvement inspect your roofing system and catch problems before they happen. Water stains on the inside of your home can be caused by a variety of reasons. If identified early, these problems can often be fixed without needing to replace the entire roof!

Missing/Lifted Shingles

When shingles become loose and unsealed, the shingle no longer holds its water-shedding ability and is extremely vulnerable to being blown off your house by the wind. When that happens, water has been given a clear pathway into your attic, through the insulation, and onto the ceiling. American Eagle Home Improvement understands how important it is to address these issues right away to help mitigate any further water damage to the inside of your home.

Shingle roof in need of repair
Adding flashing to roof repair

Flashing Installation/Replacement

Roof flashing is one of the most critical components of a roofing system. Flashing protects the most vulnerable and damage-prone areas of your roof where water wants to enter your home. Flashing goes in multiple areas such as chimneys, valleys, roof to wall connections, pipes, and skylights. Whether it is flashing that is missing, rusted, or corroded to the point of failing, our Home Pros can determine what flashing work needs to be done to protect the inside of your home.

Skylight Replacement

Skylights are a great asset to let natural light and fresh air into your home in areas where traditional windows are not an option; however, old skylights are prone to leaking. Let American Eagle Home Improvement show you how we can remove and replace the existing, old, leaking skylight with a new, modern skylight with modern features.

roofer finishing skylight instalation